2022 Travel Goals

2022 Travel Goals

After a year and a half of canceled plans, 2022 has to be our year, right? 2022 should be the year of bucket list vacations! In the spirit of optimism and travel dreams, here are some of Oneiro Dream Team’s top bucket list destinations.

white sand beach with palm trees and lounge chairs

Mathangi: I would love to go to St. Barts, where the white sand beaches are idyllic. I dream of relaxing with my umbrella drink, reading a book, scheduling massages, making dinner plans, and planning adventures to enjoy! 

Arial view of ocean

Anthe: One place of many on my bucket list is Seychelles. I want to see it’s whiter than white sand, spa resorts, five-star restaurants, and it’s lush environment for hiking and exploring nature. Perfect to relax, reflect, exhale, renew, and refuel.  

National park in Africa with tree and two zebras

Mia: My dream vacation would be to go to Africa and go on a real, wild safari. We love camping and enjoying the outdoors and this would be a trip of a lifetime. We want to camp at Kruger National Park, visit Cape Town, and see Victoria Falls. It isn’t a very common vacation spot, but it is something we have always wanted to do with our kids.

fiji ocean view

Amy: I would give anything to go to Fiji and stay in one of those bungalows that are perched over the water. With snorkeling just ladder steps away at all times, the calming sound of waves sloshing, and that beautiful view all day and night… A definite dream vacation. 

What about you? What’s on your travel bucket list?