Insider Secrets on How to Fly Better from Flight Attendants

Insider Secrets on How to Fly Better from Flight Attendants

We know how stressful flying can be. From planning to packing, and everything in between, we want to help you have the smoothest airport experience! We spoke with flight attendants from a major US carrier to give you some insider tips on how to enjoy your flight better than you ever have before.

Stay healthy while traveling

With all we’ve learned from these past few years, it’s that sanitizing is incredibly important in all that we do, especially when flying.  Use antibacterial wipes to sanitize your entire seat, armrest, seatbelt, tray table, window shade, and air vents as a precaution. Bring the wipes with you to the bathroom to wipe down the space or have handy if the bathroom sink is ever out of order.  Use gloves while you sanitize or when opening overhead compartments. 

Bring healthy snacks

Depending on the length of your flight you may or may not get a meal. Even if you do, having snacks like protein bars, instant oatmeal, toasted coconut chips, and popcorn on hand is a good idea. Packing them in a bento container box. You never know when you’ll need a boost or how long any potential delays or hiccups may take!

Sign up for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry 

Travel more quickly with security pre-check benefits for domestic and international travel. Once your applications for the programs are approved, you’ll get to zip through security with e-gates and expedited security screenings. You’re welcome!

Bring a carry on instead of checking a bag

We’re pro carry-on for a number of reasons.  Not only because our TSA-approved Suncahsers kit makes bringing your luxury beauty products with you easy, but because a carry-on is a cheaper, faster and more efficient way to travel. With a carry-on, you don’t need to pay for a checked bag, sit in line to check your bag , or wait to collect it at baggage claim. You’ll also have all you need with you without fear that your luggage will be lost or stolen.

When you can, book a seat in an exit row on domestic aircrafts 

If you’re up for the responsibility of sitting in an exit row and aren’t traveling with kids under 15, take it! Exit rows often have more legroom than first class does on domestic flights. You’ll be much more comfortable during your flight, but do listen to the flight attendant's instructions on how to operate the exit doors in an emergency.


Purchase a large refillable water bottle 

It’s so important to stay hydrated while traveling. Jet lag is largely worsened by dehydration and aircraft cabins are known for being dry environments! Keep your bottle empty to pass through security checkpoints, then refill it at airport filling stations. We love 4ocean and what they stand for. 

Surprise your flight crew with treats for extra benefits.

Take the time to treat your flight attendants and pilots while you board your flight! Shareable gifts like sealed chocolates or cookies act as surprising and exciting goodies the crew will love. Tell them your seat number and expect to be treated so well! 

We hope the next time you fly is a breeze with these tips! Don’t forget to tag us with #chasingthesun and @theoneiro_ on your next adventure for a chance to be featured on our page and website!