Oneiro’s Psychology of Scent

Oneiro’s Psychology of Scent

Oneiro’s Psychology of Scent

The Aromas of our Sunchasers Collection  Keep you Relaxed and Renewed with Each Drop

Our founder Anthe spent years perfecting our Sunchasers Collection, and one of her most researched elements is its signature scent.  Anthe threaded her background in psychology into the scent of the collection, ensuring you have the perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit when experiencing each product.

Our Sunchasers Collection embodies the regenerative energy of the Mediterranean lifestyle with an aroma that will have you dreaming of a sunny afternoon at the beach. It has carefully layered scents starting with top notes of citrus, heart notes of lemongrass, and end with bottom notes of coconut. Let’s take you on a journey through some of our most potent ingredients and their many renewing benefits after just one waft.


This exotic Greek citrus helps reduce anxiety, stress, and pain.  It’s a natural anti‐depressant and can even help lower blood pressure and your heart rate.


We love lemon on everything- even our skincare! Lemon promotes concentration and has calming and clarifying properties that are helpful when you're feeling angry, anxious, or run down. 


The distinct lemon scent of lemongrass is easy to identify in our Sunchasers collection. The plant’s aroma helps to overcome feelings of nervousness and reduce mental fatigue.

Shampoo conditioner with lavender lemon and rosmary clean beauty clean ingredients travel ready for hot humid climates


Mandarin is the sweetest and most calming of all citrus essential oils! It’s incredibly gentle on the skin and nose, and known for its many healing properties like reducing stress and nausea.


Experiencing the scent of lavender oil can help reduce anxiety and even insomnia. Beyond its aromatic benefits, it’s great for hair growth!  We use it in our shampoo to help increase scalp circulation.

Piper Nigrum (Pepper) Seed Extract

The musky scent of black pepper extract helps soothe your muscles and rebalance your mood. And don’t worry, the back pepper oil doesn’t irritate your eyes like ground peppercorns sometimes do!

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut)

The sweet smell of coconut transports you to a beachy dreamland. It’s also known as a natural relaxant to give you some piece of mind on a stressful day. 

From a mid-flight R&R to little self-care before bed, our scents are engineered to keep you at ease wherever you travel!