The Secret to Soft Skin

The Secret to Soft Skin

Dehydrated skin is dull, rough, and flaky. It feels tight and itches. It’s crying out for moisture! Natural hydration is often disrupted by environmental factors, genetics, and even age. To have smooth and soft skin, you need to heal from within.

Meet Oneiro’s secret ingredient to soften and restructure skin … Aquaxyl. This patented complex of natural sugar derivatives helps dehydrated skin by acting on the 3 key mechanisms of natural hydration:

* Reinforces the skin’s barrier to prevent water loss by stimulating ceramides

* Optimizes water reserves by boosting hyaluronic acid

* Maximizes water circulation within the skin 

    Aquaxyl is your skin’s superstar! Oneiro’s body milk and body wash are proven to significantly moisturize skin within 8 hours and moisturize for up to 48 hours. 

    Say goodbye to dry, itchy winter skin and hello to soft, supple Oneiro skin.