Top 5 Summer Anymoon Destinations

Top 5 Summer Anymoon Destinations

Dreaming of your next couples getaway? Whether you’re planning for your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or need a getaway before your first baby, we rounded up five of our favorite destinations fit for your upcoming “anymoon”. These spots radiate with breathtaking wildlife, terrain, and shorelines, ready for those who want to relax or be adventurous. Their hot, humid, and breezy climtesare also a perfect match for our Sunchasers collection - dedicated to helping you keep your cool and your skin glowing!

 1. For your Earlymoon

Santorini, Greece

Ocean view from santorini greece

Greece is one of our favorite destinations, and nothing beats the romantic views and peaceful energy on the island of Santorini, making for a perfect place to relax before the big day. The island’s picturesque blue and white architecture sets the scene for calming walks and serene sunset dinners. Take a luxurious boat tour on the Aegean and explore sea caves, swim in therapeutic hot springs, and sip crisp wine as you gaze beyond the Santorini caldera. When back at your hotel, keep the leisure going with a warm bath. Gently lather our Body Wash into your skin to condition, smooth, and hydrate your body after the filled day. Don’t forget to take in our Body Wash’s calming citrus aromas while you decompress.

 2. For your Honeymoon

The Maldives

couple in the maldives

Recharge at a secluded overwater bungalow resort in the Maldives for an unmatched peaceful experience. The flight to the Maldives is quite lengthy, so make sure to pack our Multi Mist Spray to spritz throughout your journey, keeping you and your environment refreshed and fragrant. Spend a day pampering at a luxury spa and take invigorating dips in the Indian Ocean. Dine at an underwater restaurant or take a speed boat to Vaadhoo island to experience the Sea of Stars, a surreal view of bright blue lights in the ocean, occurring from bioluminescence. Embed a little adventure into your trip with windsurfing or kitesurfing classes!

3. For  your Babymoon

West Region, Ireland

West Region, Ireland ocean view of cliffs

Take to Irelend’s countryside for a cooler summer venture before you welcome your little one! An easy plane ride for those on the East Coast, the “Emerald Isle'' is filled with remarkable greenery, enthralling mountains, and rocky shores perfect for making enchanting memories. Stay in a medieval castle or elegant bed and breakfast for cozy moments and authentic cuisine. Visit the Cliffs of Moher or Killarney National Park for breathtaking views of the country’s majestic landscapes. Hike through the terrain or take a horse-drawn carriage! With the cooler climate, you’ll need to have our Body Milk handy to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and soft throughout the day.

4. For your Buddymoon

Maui, Hawaii

Friends on beach in maui doing yoga

Add some excitement to your vacation with a group of other coupled up friends! Maui has thrilling and romantic activities to keep you and your gang entertained both as a group and separately as a couple. Experience the island’s exquisite marine life with a submarine tour, scuba-dive at the Molokini Crater, an offshore horseshoe-shaped islet, or zipline through tropical rainforests. Make sure you and your crew keep our waterproof clutch close as you discover the island to keep your phone and valuables protected, or use it to transport your wet bathing suit and sandals between each activity. Slip away with your partner to hike among Maui’s many waterfalls or spend a day at your all inclusive hotel’s spa to renew. End the one evening with a special luau party for an immersive cultural celebration.

5. For your Anniversary

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona spain church

A city destination like Barcelona is made for couples who seek stunning art and design, unforgettable food, and accessible day trips. Barcelona provides a myriad of adventures, providing for a flavorful anniversary celebration. Stroll the city streets and experience the eclectic architecture from Antoni Gadí like La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, and Palau Guell. Before heading out into the city’s hot and sticky weather, use our Shampoo and Conditioner duo to keep your hair soft, bouncy, and frizz-free. Have an intimate picnic in The Rosaleda de Cervantes rose garden and get some physical activity in with a tapas and wine bike tour. Let us know how your hair holds up after a busy day like this!