Travel Season is here! What to pack in your carry-on!

Travel Season is here! What to pack in your carry-on!

Travel Tips - What to Pack in your Carry-On Luggage

I always like to be prepared! I often travel with kids so I have to be organized and have everything I need at my fingertips. And yes, I do keep a checklist on my phone- these have become essential to ensure I do not forget things such as sunglasses, phone chargers, etc.  These are the top items always in my carry-on.

- Hand sanitizers - both a spray and liquid. I always bring two for easy access in both my bags. I also bring a small, travel liquid soap because not all bathrooms have soap.
- Antibacterial/Alcohol wipes - for cleaning. I still do a quick cleaning of arm rests, seat belts, tray tables, and public bathrooms (this is not required, but my girls hold the toilet seat) on flights.
- Masks for everyone 2 and up (required to fly) - I am vaccinated but I still wear the N95 during air travel just to be extra safe. I also wear a cloth mask underneath for comfort. Double masks are not required, but I have gotten used to them!
- Meals - While most US domestic airports have reopened all the dining options, some are terminal or time specific. Also, domestic economy serves limited or no meals. Thus, I bring food that is easy to eat without needing to fully take mask off (e.g. sandwich, fruits, chips, etc). Longer, international flights are serving food. 
- Toiletries - While this may seem extra to carry, I always bring a change of clothes and travel size soap/lotion that the family can use. Just in case we have delays with an additional overnight or our baggage gets lost, etc. While hotel products can be ok for adults, I don’t always use them nor will I use them for my kids. I recently discovered Oneiro products! They are natural and good for me, and they are also designed for travel sizes for carry-ons. I used to pack toiletries for me and the kids separately, but the great news is, we can all use Oneiro. Cleanses, smells good, and safe for family use! This would have been amazing for me when I traveled for work weekly for 12 years! 
- COVID vaccination card - Your choice on whether or not to get vaccinated, but sometimes it is required in various indoor experiences in different parts of the world (e.g. to enter museums, restaurants, etc).
- Other paperwork - For some destinations, you need to download QR codes or show proof of a negative COVID test.  While many of us are digitally savvy and have this on our phones, I always keep printed out copies of important items (yes, old school)- just in case my phone loses battery! 

    Remember, your travel experience will still be awesome and you will find every experience memorable and amazing. Always be responsible and stay safe!

    Oneiro Travel kit on a carryon with an airport backgrouns

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    Lakshmi Natarajan is an Indian-American executive, consultant, advisor, mom, and world traveler. She has over 20 years of global business leadership experience across Fortune 500 companies and is a mother of two young daughters. As a family, they have traveled the world with their children and have been to 30+ countries across 6 continents with the goal of raising them with a global mindset and inspiring others on their journey. Lakshmi is currently the founder of two businesses, Excelador a business consulting firm and Travel Plus ThemTM- collaborating with parents and educators to raise inclusive global citizens through travel and at home experiences. They help bring those cultural insights to homes and encourage donations to local communities during travels. Lakshmi believes that traveling and learning about the world teaches children curiosity, respect, and empathy.  Visit their website to learn more: Travel Plus Them- includes various blogs, guides, and free resources on how you can travel the world with your children and how you can bring the world into your homes. We are on the journey together to raise inclusive global citizens!