What’s your travel personality?

What’s your travel personality?

Can you leave at the drop of a hat? Or do you need to meticulously plan every detail? In our travels, we noticed that there are 2 distinct travel personalities… the go-getter and the list-maker. 

Here is what they have to say…

The Go-Getter:

“I’m ready for adventure at all times, no matter what I have with me. All I need is what’s in my purse and I can go. I love to travel and see the world, so I don’t let anything hold me back. Toothbrushes, hair brushes… you can buy anything in the airport or on location, so I just go. Where to next?

I do, however, need to be organized once I get to my destination. I unpack everything that I have in the drawers and set out my toiletries. I like my vacations to feel like home, so I can’t live out of my suitcase.”

The List-Maker:

“I make my list before we go anywhere - number of shirts, shorts, googles, shoes, chargers, games and toys for the kids… pretty much everything. There is so much to remember that I can stand if I forget something. I also can’t travel without my travel laundry bag to sort my dirty and clean clothes while we are on vacation. 

I love to document all my adventures so I can never forget my portable power station so no device ever runs out of batteries.” 

What about you… What’s your travel personality?