Whats in your vacation bag?

Whats in your vacation bag?

Our Dream Team shares their must-haves for every getaway

​​Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, we all have things that we can’t leave home without. We asked some of our Dream Team members to unpack their travel bags and give us an inside peek into their must-haves on the road. These are their essentials…


“My skin gets so dry on flights that I have established my own beauty routine for mid-flight. My carry-on always has face wipes, a face mask, and my Oneiro body milk. And I always pack hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Entertainment is key, so I have to have my ear pods, iPad, iPhone, and charger with me to watch a good show or movie either in-flight or at my destination. I do NOT travel light!” 


“I got so carsick as a kid that I taught myself to go right to sleep on any mode of transportation - plane, train, or car. I always pack a neck pillow and sleep mask for any trip. I also use the sleep mask all trip long to block out any extra lights or clocks in hotel rooms. Sleeping in complete darkness is a must for me.”


“I always pack a nice outfit… in case I have an unexpected date night!”


“The first thing I always pack is an Oneiro multi mist spray. In fact, it’s in my purse at all times. I use it to refresh anything from my room to my rental car to my sheets. Chargers, disinfectant wipes, and headphones are definitely must-haves. Also, I can’t go anywhere without my electric toothbrush! I pack it whenever I go away, even for just a night.”


“I love to sightsee in cities and hike in nature. Wherever I am, no matter the destination, I’m constantly moving. By the end of the day, my feet are always sore. I pack my slippers on every trip to give my feet a much needed pampering,  so I can hit the ground running the next day.”


“Some might think I’m weird, but I never go on vacation without my favourite pillow! I have not found any other pillow like this one and I can always count on having a good night's sleep no matter where I am. It’s a little piece of home!

I also can’t leave my house without my favourite face mask! There is nothing worse than dry skin! It’s always facemask time in my eyes, so I love to make my own spa treatments wherever I go.” 


“Big secret revealed,  my husband snores… loud! So I never leave home without a sound machine. Lol!

I never go anywhere without an ONEIRO Ready to Go Kit, with climate-specific products perfect for wherever I’m traveling. I refresh my seat and plane with the multi mist so everyone has a dreamy flight. The passengers love it and it sets the mood for their arrival.”

These are our favorites…. What are your travel must-haves?

Amy and the Dream Team xoxo