The Origins and Essence of Oneiro

Inspired by the Greek word for 'dream', Oneiro is the embodiment of our vision for a healthier and more sustainable world. Our journey is fueled by the Mediterranean lifestyle, renowned for its organic agriculture and age-old healing recipes bestowed by nature.

Our range of self-care and pet care products harness the power of the Mediterranean's vibrant citrus fruits and aromatic botanicals like bergamot, pepper seed, and lavender. These ingredients, celebrated for their unique restorative properties, are the essence of our clean beauty solutions.

Years of dedicated research and development have resulted in Oneiro's unique formulations. Created by our top US chemists, our science-backed blends merge natural herbs, botanicals, and essential oils inspired by the rich Mediterranean biodiversity.

Our pet care line was born from the realization that our furry friends also deserve high-quality products tailored to their specific skin and hair needs.It is the only dog care line that is put through 9 stages of vigorous testing to ensure their effectiveness.

At Oneiro, we stand by our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices with reusable and recyclable materials, to create the ultimate clean beauty and wellness collection. All our products are proudly made in the USA and assembled by Neurodiverse adults with the utmost integrity. Our dream is to nurture you and your pets, while promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Oneiro… created for you, your pet and the Earth

Inspired by her summers spent in Rhodes, Greece working at family boutique hotels, Anthe has rooted an Oneiro experience with a Mediterranean flair.

Our Vision

At Oneiro, we envision a future where self-care harmoniously intertwines with care for our planet. We aim to redefine the personal care industry worldwide, setting new standards for effectiveness and environmental responsibility, inspired by a deep-rooted love for family and nature.

Our Mission

Oneiro’s clean highly-effective self care products cultivate a heritage of love, family, and nature, with the goal of creating a more beautiful and responsible world.

Why Oneiro?

Oneiro delivers high-quality, clean, and effective personal care products that are as good for you and your pets as they are for the planet. Crafted with a heritage of love, family, and nature, our products provide a luxurious experience, fostering a healthier lifestyle while promoting environmental stewardship. With Oneiro, you are investing in a self-care journey that values your well-being, your loved ones, your furry friends, and the planet we all share.

Keep dreaming!

With so much love, xoxo

A note from our Founder

A dream is exactly what I found myself experiencing as a child on the enchanting island of Rhodes in Greece.

Growing up on one of the most beautiful islands in the Greek Dodecanese, I was immersed early on into the world of luxury tourism and exceptional hospitality standards. My family owned and operated hotels focused on catering to discerning travelers from across the globe, and I quickly learned what it takes to create exceptional five-star experiences.

Further inspired by the beauty of my homeland and the natural herbs and botanicals from the Mediterranean, I dreamt of designing a luxury self-care collection free from chemicals and potentially harmful toxins. A product tailored to pampering and rejuvenating a guest's stay experience, one which our guests swiftly fell in love with. They demanded Oneiro become a part of their daily routine and we took our guest's advice. Oneiro then expanded not only into larger size bottles but proudly curated the best clean, climate conscious dog care collection on the market.

“To all those who chase the sun, seek the snow, and blaze a trail… We know what it means to be dreamers, explorers, and lovers of our beautiful planet. With you and your furry companion in mind, we created the best clean, luxurious care line. A sustainable brand you can trust and proudly bring on all your adventures, without compromising your beauty routine and our natural environment. Oneiro promises a self care experience that fulfills your dreams of rejuvenation and wellness.

Feel the beauty of Oneiro and be...for you are Oneiro."

With grace and gratitude,

Our four pillars lead our operations

Oneiro’s Clean Standards

It takes 26 Seconds for any product to enter your bloodstream!

At Oneiro we believe in eliminating all the toxins that are harmful for your mental, emotional, and physical health - that includes all ingredients that disrupt reproductive health, are cancer causing, or affect heart health!

Oneiro delivers clean beauty that doesn't sacrifice effectiveness. We rigorously test our products to work for even the most sensitive skin, and follow the highest standards of clean. We observe the largest ban of toxic chemicals as set by the EU, and the US, and work closely with our chemists in New Jersey to keep the toxic ingredients out of our products.

Ingredients we NEVER use

Power of Scents

Neurobiological studies show that the sense of smell is a strong trigger to recall personal and meaningful memories. Positive memories from scents can alleviate stress and anxiety for a lifetime! Based on this research and Anthe’s background in psychology, Oneiro brings you the most potent blend of perfectly layered botanicals with top notes of citrus, heart notes of lemongrass, and bottom notes of coconut. While promoting mental and emotional well-being, our magical blend of botanicals will help you recall a lifetime of memories.

The Oneiro Team

We are a mighty women-led team that believes in the benefits that travel and beauty have on the body and spirit. We’re a collaborative group of mothers, friends, and sisters, each with unique talents that bring the Oneiro dream to life. We believe in crafting a company rooted in current and future adventure seekers.