The Origins and Essence of Oneiro

Oneiro takes its name from the Greek word that means ‘to dream’ and describes a fantasy state of mind experienced as a phenomenon of images and sensations. As we travel through life and explore new horizons, our dreams become more vivid with each new adventure.

Oneiro draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean region’s healthy lifestyle and its residents’ reliance on healing recipes derived from nature. Organic agricultural methods and formulations are handed down through families. The bright citrus fruits and aromatic botanicals, such as bergamot, pepper seed, and lavender, each lend their unique nourishing and protective properties to herbal remedies and clean beauty care products.

Oneiro has evolved into a dream of what can be: a passionate commitment to nurturing others on their journeys and to a cleaner, more sustainable future. After years of R&D, Oneiro’s team has formulated a personal care collection created by the world’s best chemists made up of science-backed clean blends of natural herbs, botanicals, and essential oils inspired by Greece, made proudly and with integrity in the USA!

Inspired by her summers spent in Rhodes, Greece working at family boutique hotels, Anthe has rooted an Oneiro experience with a Mediterranean flair.

Our Vision

For every traveler and adventure seeker to feel incredible at any destination

Our Mission

To make all destinations unforgettable with our clean, luxurious, on-the-go travel-ready products.

Keep dreaming!

With so much love, xoxo

A note from our Founder

My love story begins on the idyllic Greek island of Rhodes, a setting renowned since ancient times as a wellness destination, that continues to draw visitors from around the world.

Growing up in a dynamic family of innovators, organic farmers, beauty alchemists, and luxury travel hosts, I developed my passion for nature, beauty, and travel. My family, living on this island paradise, instilled an abiding sense of responsibility to the sea, the earth, and to others.

From a young age, I learned firsthand what it means to deliver exceptional, five-star luxury service.

Over the years, I fell in love with designing memorable vacations for our guests and sharing with them the sounds, smells, and serenity of the enchanting Mediterranean lifestyle.

Hospitality became a family affair and labor of love

Fast forward to 2008, I became an Airbnb pioneer, my mission was to be the quintessential host! Knowing that some people travel many times a year and others once in a lifetime, each vacation had to be tailored perfectly and made unforgettable.

Today, I am an avid traveler and a super host of successful vacation rentals.

My experiences of traveling and yearning to be the best host, sparked my dream of creating a sustainable line of personal care products as essentials for all travelers. My commitment is to help all travelers experience an 'Oneiro state of mind’ where the tranquility of island living is omnipresent in each formula’s potent ingredients. engulfing scents, and sustainable packaging. Oneiro cultivates a heritage of love, family, and nature, with the goal of creating a more beautiful and responsible world.

“To all those who chase the sun, seek the snow, and blaze a trail… We know what it means to be dreamers, explorers, and lovers of our beautiful planet. With you in mind, we created a clean, luxurious travel care line that you can trust and proudly bring on all your adventures, without compromising your beauty routine and our natural environment. Oneiro promises a personal care experience that fulfills your dreams of rejuvenation and wellness. Feel the beauty of Oneiro at your next destination as you create your own dream-filled moments to last a lifetime.”

With grace and gratitude,

Our four pillars lead our operations

Oneiro’s Clean Standards

We believe in clean beauty that doesn't sacrifice effectiveness. We rigorously test our products to work for even the most sensitive skin, and follow the highest standards of clean. We observe the largest ban of toxic chemicals as set by the EU, and the US, and work closely with our chemists in New Jersey to keep the toxic ingredients out of our products.

Ingredients we NEVER use

Power of Scents

Neurobiological studies show that the sense of smell is a strong trigger to recall personal and meaningful memories. Positive memories from scents can even alleviate stress and anxiety for a lifetime! Based on this research and Anthe’s background in psychology, Oneiro brings you the most potent blend of layered scents with top notes of citrus, heart notes of lemongrass, and bottom notes of coconut. While promoting mental and emotional well-being, our scents help all travelers relive their favorite vacation moments!

The Oneiro Team

We are a mighty women-led team that believes in the benefits that travel and beauty have on the body and spirit. We’re a collaborative group of mothers, friends, and sisters, each with unique talents that bring the Oneiro dream to life. We believe in crafting a company rooted in current and future adventure seekers.