Our Ingredients

Smells can uplift our mood, invoke memories, and even affect our behavior. At Oneiro, we strive to bring bliss to your every vacation, staycation, and everything in-between. We do this by layering natural scents and natural ingredients in all of our products to bring you spa-like luxury wherever you go.


Lifts mood while it relaxes, refreshes, and reduces stress.

Citrus Lemon

Promotes concentration with clarifying properties to help with feelings of anger, anxiousness, or tiredness.


Aides in relaxation and peace of mind while lessening anxiety.


Increases the water content of the skin to help keep it smooth.

Coconut (Cocos Nucifera)

Leaves hair easy to comb, soft, and shiny while boosting volume.

Rice Bran

Protects skin from the harmful effects of environmental damage.

Pepper (Piper Nigrum) Seed Extract

Provides a pleasant freshness to the skin while producing a feeling of well-being.

Shea butter

Keeps moisture in hair and increases softness. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce scalp irritation.

Mandarin Essential Oil

The most calming of oils, it is also incredibly gentle and known for its many healing properties.
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