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Turn an expected amenity into an unexpected luxury welcome gift for your guests.

Oneiro helps your vacation property stay ahead of the competition by elevating your guests' experience, increasing your 5-star reviews, and exponentially growing your repeat customers.

We’ve had such a tremendous response all over the world from STR owners that we decided to offer bulk discount pricing. Bulk orders ensure your vacation property(s) have just the right luxury amenities for your upcoming luxury rentals without interruption.

Our clean eco-friendly sealed prepackaged products help protect the environment while keeping guests safe. Big bottle refills with contamination concerns is something a host like you should not be concerned with. Single use plastic is awful for the environment and barely lasts a day for two people, forget about a family of four on vacation.

Ready to fly! Oneiro products are maximum TSA-approved travel size, made from post consumer waste and exceed recyclable product standards, last for the entire vacation, and avoids small bottle waste. Looks fabulous with no mess, no fuss for the cleaning crew, saving time and money for everyone.

Making a difference in so many ways, Oneiro products are packed by young adults, in collaboration with Autism Speaks.

We are so excited to partner with you. Simply fill out the form below and our customer service team will contact you.

Together we can elevate your guests' dreamy vacations, because everyone deserves an unforgettable trip.

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