Conditioner 3.4 fl oz


Our creamy, natural conditioner with clean ingredients will leave hair soft and manageable while taming frizz with glycerin, coconut oil, and shea butter. Suitable for all hair types.

Customer Reviews

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Leah C
Conditioner 3.4 fl oz

“I love this conditioner! I wish it came in full size for weekly use at home! It complements the shampoo so beautifully and has such a creamy texture and smell. “

Andrianna G
Conditioner 3.4 fl oz

“I was nervous to see how the shampoo/conditioner would react with my thick & curly hair, but after every wash, my hair felt soft, clean, healthy, and hydrated. This definitely comes down to Oneiro’s clean and natural ingredients that they use in their products.”

Steph D
Conditioner 3.4 fl oz

“I have thin dry hair and I dye it blonde and I can never find a conditioner that leaves it soft when I get out of the shower, I always have to use leave in… but with ONEIRO no leave in needed the conditioner does its job!”

Katherine N
Conditioner 3.4 fl oz

“ As someone with very long thick hair, I couldn’t believe how long the shampoo and conditioner lasted for me. Such a great lather, a little goes a long way! I would definitely purchase again and can’t recommend Oneiro enough!”

Gina E
Conditioner 3.4 fl oz

“My family and I traveled to Greece this year and made sure to take our Oneiro shampoo and conditioner with us. The shampoo and conditioner made our hair super soft after hours in the salt water. The travel-size case and bottles were easy to put in our luggage and take with us.”

Learn More about Our Ingredients

Soft, Manageable hair minus the weight

Our thoughtfully created hair and skin care products are formulated from clean, natural, and efficacious botanical ingredients with scents inspired by the Mediterranean.

  • Quality

    We use the best-in-quality clean ingredients and avoid harmful toxins such as GMOs, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral Oils, Formaldehyde - Learn more about our NEVER ANY ingredient list here

  • Convenience

    Capped with a lay-flat lid and air pressure sealed for freshness and travel readiness, our bottles have a soft, velvet touch and are squeeze-friendly to get every last drop. Engineered with the right-flow nozzle to dispense just the right amount of product for conditioning your hair.

  • Sustainability

    Protecting our planet is our priority. Our bottles are made from a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, most coming from plastic waste in the ocean. Our labels are printed with recyclable ink, making our packaging 100% recyclable! Our manufacturers, labs and warehouse were strategically picked for a low carbon footprint. We are made in New Jersey, USA.

  • Responsibility

    We proudly partner with Autism Speaks and employ neurodiverse youth to package our kits, providing on-the-job training and life skills. We adapt best practices by partnering with top university think-tanks while providing mentorship to young entrepreneurs to help strengthen their business skills.