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This kit of five maximum TSA travel-sized approved essentials comes packed and ready to go in a versatile, waterproof clutch. Experience healthy hair and skin with our carefully formulated, eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body milk, and multi mist spray.

Sunchasers for hot humid weather

ONEIRO Sunchaser Collage

Our thoughtfully-curated, personal-care items turn expected amenities into unexpected luxuries, in every climate

ONEIRO 5-Star Review

“ I was so excited to get my Ready to go Kit in the mail and take it with me to Hawaii. It was absolutley perfect for my carry on. I was able to also put my face wash and face cream in the bag. 10/10 would highly recommend! ”

Melanie Nelson Bell
Canyon, CA
ONEIRO 5-Star Review

“ I felt I spent the day at the spa. A must take on your next vacation or even staycation. ”

Anne B.,
Austin TX
ONEIRO 5-Star Review

“ My bachelorette party was a hit! The girls loved their kits… can’t wait to share with my wedding guests. Thank you ONEIRO! ”

Stephanie K., Derby,
ONEIRO 5-Star Review

“ I have very curly hair that gets super frizzy at the beach. I was shocked that the shampoo and conditioners calmed my hair to give me gorgeous curls. I’m getting another to use this at home too! ”

Susana P.,
Westfield, NJ
ONEIRO 5-Star Review

“ Even after a few hours of sight seeing in Italy, your body milk felt like heaven.’ Exceptional products. ”

James Filimon
San Francisco, CA
ONEIRO 5-Star Review

“ The scent of this multi mist brings me back to my childhood. The endless summers of swimming in the pool with my family. I love using it all around the house to add a little paradise. ”

Sandra Velazquez
Canoga Park, CA
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