Top 10 Sustainability Tips

Top 10 Sustainability Tips

You may not realize it, but even small decisions can make a difference in protecting our planet. Here are some simple tips you can use to take steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Use a refillable water bottle

Instead of using plastic cups and bottles, carry a reusable water bottle around throughout the day. Not only will this keep you hydrated and save you money, but it will help the planet by reducing plastic waste.

Bike where you can

Time to get moving! If your destination is nearby, try biking there instead of using a car with CO2 emissions. It is better for the environment, and you can get some exercise out of it. If your destination is too far, try carpooling to limit the impact of emissions from multiple cars.

Think before you buy

Next time you’re out shopping, think about if you really need what you’re about to buy. What is its impact on the environment? Try buying products that are sustainable, reusable, and reduce waste. In addition to that, try buying less. Overconsumption leads to waste and pollution.


Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have all heard of it, but do we all follow through with it? A simple way to make sure you recycle is to set aside a container at home for items like cans, glass bottles and cardboard.

Use items with less packaging

Shopping  for items with less packaging is simpler than you might think. For example, when grocery shopping, instead of buying a box with oatmeal packets inside, buy a regular box of oatmeal. Instead of buying a box with small bags of chips inside, buy regular bags of chips.

Use items with recyclable packaging

To buy items with recyclable packaging, opt for aluminum soda cans or olive oil in glass bottles instead of buying products in plastic. There are more factors than people generally think about when it comes to recyclable packaging. Sometimes the label and ink on bottles can’t be recycled, even if the bottle can be.

Plant native

Support biodiversity and the environment directly by planting a garden. To take it one step further, use native plants. Native plants adapt to their local climate better, which reduces their water and fertilizer intakes.

Air it out

There are simple practices you can try at home to be more sustainable. For example, instead of blasting the AC all day, open the windows for some fresh air. Another solution is air-drying your clothes instead of using the dryer for multiple loads.

Donate and thrift clothes

Clothes are a large contribution to waste, especially when it comes to fast fashion. If you can, donate or pass down old pieces that you don’t want anymore. If you want a small profit, you can even give them away to a thrift store. While you’re there, check out some pieces! Thrifting can lead to some unique finds, usually at lower prices as well.

Support companies that protect the planet

Look at a company’s mission and support companies that share your values. At Oneiro, we have crafted and tested our bottles to meet high standards in safety and sustainability, ensuring that our products are 100% recyclable. This includes everything from our clutch, bottles, tubes, and labels. All bottles and tubes are made from a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, most of it coming from plastic waste in the ocean. Our manufacturing labs and warehouses are located close to each other, allowing us to have a low-carbon footprint. 

There are so many small things that we can do to preserve and protect our planet for future generations. Changing things we do collectively will make a big impact. So, go out there and be the change!