How ONEIRO’S Packaging Helps you and the Planet

How ONEIRO’S Packaging Helps you and the Planet

The team at Oneiro cares about bringing luxurious convenience to your travels with a perfect creation of hair and body products fit for different climates. Our gentle formulations help keep you glowing all vacation long and provide you with refreshing scents that linger all the way home. But, there’s more that meets the eye to our collections…and it’s in our packaging!

We’ve meticulously crafted and tested our bottles to meet high standards in safety, sustainability, and sophistication. Don’t worry if you haven’t pondered the possible negative effects of your plastic beauty and skincare containers before, because we did the hard work for you!

Here’s how we developed our bottles to care about…


  • - Each bottle has a flat top to help you get the perfect amount of formula each time. 
  • - Bottles have a wide circular opening so you can effortlessly scoop out every last drop.
  • - The strong seals over our bottles ensure the cleanest standards while also being spill-proof during any type of travel with an air pressure seal.
  • - Our transparent bottles help you know when you’re running out and need to restock.
  • - The soft, velvety feel of our bottles are reminiscent of a mother’s touch, for an unmatched luxurious experience, especially when you’re on the go!


Your safety:

  • -While our bottles are transparent, they are opaque enough to protect your formula from UV light which can penetrate through plastic and damage the effectiveness and safety of ingredients


The environment:

  • - All bottles are made with 30% post-consumer recycled plastic (most coming from plastic in the ocean)
  • - Our clutch is recyclable
  • - All containers are made here in USA and packaged in our NJ warehouse


Who knew so much thought and innovation went into such convenient travel bottles? We do it all to protect you, the products, and the planet.